In 2010, Kenny Joseph and Lila Joseph recorded their story in the videos below. Watch and hear what it was like to take the Gospel to Japan as a missionary in the years following World War 2.

In this video, Kenny describes how his parents came to Chicago from Assyria in the early 20th century. The Assyrian community in Chicago arranged the marriage between Sam and Martha, Kenny’s parents. His father worked three jobs to support the family: at the Merchandise Mart, at the Hilton, and in real estate. His mother’s full-time job was reading her Bible and praying.


In this video, Lila describes her years growing up in North Dakota and her conversion to Christianity. Kenny tells how he went to Soldier’s Field to see an Olympic runner, and ended up hearing Charles Fuller and Billy Graham.


In this video, Kenny tells the story of how he gave his life to Jesus at Soldier Field and the complete change it made in the course of his life. Lila describes how God led her to ministry as a missionary in Japan.


In this video, Kenny describes how the story of American prisoner of War. Louis Zamperini, inspired him to become a missionary to Japan. Lila and Kenny tell about their first experiences in Japan.


In this video, Kenny describes the challenges of learning the Japanese language and beginning to preach. Lila tells about how she and Kenny met as single missionaries in Japan and began dating.


In this video Kenny describes how he met Lila and went from being a “bachelor to the rapture” to his first date and then proposing after a six-month courtship. He tells about his lifetime of work in Japan. Lila talks about the importance of relationships and having the “ceiling off” with God and the “walls down” with other people.